javy spol. s r.o.



On this website the company Javy Ltd., wants to introduce you to its offer of services in the branch of manufacturing machines and mechanism.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems - suggestion, solution, realization of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, units and sub-units. We supply components, solve a redress of components, air distribution systems and supply of compressors and their accessories

Industrial automation - engines regulation, control of machines and mechanism with a programmable automatic PLC, ballast tubes redress, machinery safety solution, increasing of reliability, output of machines, overhead costs and workforce savings

Fluid technology - suggestion, components solution and delivery for fluid media - water, hot water, steam, aggressive media, light oil - components

Spare parts - spare parts production. For the production of spare parts we create our own documentation if there’s no access to the original documentation. We ensure a delivery of technologically difficult parts


Single-purpose machines, construction work - progress of the latest products, drawing up documentation, settings of machines, reconstruction including realization.


If you solve machinery problems in the areas above, we are ready to offer you assistance with the solution. We are glad to answer more of your questions in this field. You can find details of our work in the individual sections according to the links.